About Tyler Lafortune

TYLER LAFORTUNE teaches in Central Park.

Tyler teaches piano, guitar, music technology and music composition.


Tyler has been involved in the music music scene for over 3 years and has played at many prominent music venues. Tyler's knowledge of multiple instruments and musical production has led to him collaborating with many different artist in many different genres, playing piano, guitar, bass and being a producer. His knowledge comes from an education from Berklee for sound design and musical theory. Tyler is extremely personable and caring of his students process. He would be a great for any beginner or intermediate learner. 

Much of the feedback we hear about Tyler is that he is a great role model for his students, he listens and has a very patient and calming demeanor.  Parents love him for his sense of humor and his gentle way of teaching.  His students listen to his every word and want to be just like him.  They all are extremely motivated to be a musician, music producer or music teacher like Tyler someday.