What is included in our online program?

Our online programs are built exactly like our in-person lessons and they're great for families who love to travel and who love to work with their child to learn music.  We offer every type of support in our online lessons as well--even if you have a week where you feel like the material is difficult, you have a full team of expert music teachers ready to help with practice and comprehension.  

All of our teachers have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in music, while most of us have a Master's or PhD as well.  We live and breathe music and teaching music.  There is not a question we cannot answer and not a song we cannot help you learn.

Many of our students major in music in college, audition for music programs in high school, participate in prestigious orchestras and choirs in their state and participate in their school orchestras, bands, choirs and theatre programs.

All of our students have a deep love for music and we encourage you to reach out to us if your student has a song outside of our materials that they would like to learn.  We will literally record a lesson for your student so they can learn the song they would like to learn.

Every week, we will email you our recommended learning videos.  These include basic music comprehension, working on exercises and working on songs.

You also have full access to our entire library of tutorials, so you can learn at your own pace as well.

We offer email coaching for students as well.  Simply submit a video of your student practicing their piece and we will give you customized advice, videos and coaching on your student's work.

We are different in that we are not simply a subscription to a bunch of tutorials.  You will have access to all of our self-learning videos AND you will have private coaching to become the best musician you possibly can.  You will be able to ask questions, get feedback, learn songs you want to learn and learn under some of the best teachers in the country.

Check out the materials you receive for just one week of your online lesson program

Online lesson sample schedule:

-Work on your current etude

-Work on your current scale

-Practice 2 lines of music from one song

-Practice 2 lines of music from your second song

-Set aside 10-15 minutes of practice time 5 days a week

-Record 10 minutes of your practice and email it to your teacher

-Go through your teacher's feedback for practicing the next week

-Schedule a Zoom or Facetime lesson if you would like extra help that week

Working on The Ski Lift
Practice tips

-Remember your finger numbers are the same on each hand--your thumbs are always 1, etc.

-Make sure you know where all the notes are on the piano

-Try counting the finger numbers out loud, then the note names

-Practice one line at a time and then play the whole song together

-Make sure to add the repeat

-Make sure you can play this song 3 times perfectly before working on the next song

Coaching feedback

Music lesson feedback

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