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Online lesson video example:

Practice tips

-Remember your finger numbers are the same on each hand--your thumbs are always 1, etc.

-Make sure you know where all the notes are on the piano

-Try counting the finger numbers out loud, then the note names

-Practice one line at a time and then play the whole song together

-Make sure to add the repeat

-Make sure you can play this song 3 times perfectly before working on the next song

Online lesson sample schedule:

-Work on your current etude

-Work on your current scale

-Practice 2 lines of music from one song

-Practice 2 lines of music from your second song

-Set aside 10-15 minutes of practice time 5 days a week

-Record 10 minutes of your practice and upload it to your YouTube Channel

-Go through your teacher's feedback for practicing the next week

-Schedule a Zoom or Facetime lesson if you would like extra help that week

Online lesson sample feedback:

Music lesson feedback