Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Lesson Policy


Highlands Ranch Music Studio Policy and syllabus


Understand rhythms, melodies and harmonies, and performance technique. Apply warm-ups such as scale work, rhythm work, flexibility and agility work to the practice and performance of assigned repertoire. Create repertoire based on experience, personal interests and recommendations. Prepare for performance situations, recitals, private performances, in front of friends and family, etc. Have fun! Learn songs that are fun and interesting to play and songs that you are proud to play for others. 

Lesson structure:

Lessons will consist of warm-ups and repertoire work. The first half of the lesson is usually spent on warm-ups, scales and theory exercises. The second half of the lesson is usually spent working on your repertoire. Please have what you want to work on prepared for each lesson. 

What to bring to lessons:

A notebook and pencil to write down weekly assignments and reminders, your music, a positive attitude! 

Required texts:

Music books and sheet music will be provided by your teacher. Please be sure to bring it to every lesson. 

Practice policy:

Please learn your music outside of class. We will try to guide your at-home practice with weekly assignments, but they will only help your performance if you work on them on your own as well. We recommend setting aside 10-20 minutes at least 4-5 times a week to practice. It is best if you separate your practicing into several short sessions rather than one long session. We also recommend focused work rather than blanket work. We would rather have you perfect 2 measures in a week than play through 3 pages of music poorly. 

When practicing, make sure you can find a place where you can play comfortably and where you will most likely not be distracted or interrupted. Find a practice time that consistently works most days of the week. 

Rescheduling policy:

Make up lessons will be made as available and only if the schedule change request was made 24 hours’ before your lesson. Refunds for canceled lessons are not available. 

Please understand that you are paying for a reserved lesson time. If you are unable to make that time, it is very difficult for us to fill that time with another student. For emergency reschedules, all efforts will be made to find an alternate time. If your student has a fever or a contagious disease, PLEASE reschedule your lesson. 

Lesson changes:

Once we have decided on a regular lesson time for the semester, be sure to honor that time. There are several reasons for this. That reserved time slot is no longer available to anyone else to reserve as their lesson time. Please give your music lesson time the same respect you would give to other activities. However, performance opportunities are encouraged and will be accommodated. 


You are required to keep track of your own music. We will provide music and other supplementary material for lessons and recitals but you must keep track of it.


Tuition is based on an hourly rate. Tuition is $60 an hour. Tuition can be paid through email via your invoice. 

Lessons are billed monthly and are due on the last day of the previous month--i.e. tuition for January is due on December 31.

After your first lesson with Highlands Ranch Music Lessons, tuition for the remainder of the month is due before your next scheduled lesson. 

Late payments will be assessed a $10 late fee. Invoices not paid after 30 days will be sent for collection.  If your invoice is not paid by the first lesson of the month, your lesson time and lessons will be suspended until tuition is paid for the month.


Both the fall and spring semesters include a recital for your student. An accompanist will be provided for the singers and refreshments will be provided after the recital. We will email details as soon as each recital is finalized. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! We look forward to working with you!