About us


Highlands Ranch Music Lessons offers a high-quality, unique musical experience for your student.  At this point in its life cycle, Highlands Ranch Music Lessons  offers lessons in students homes and also offers an online subscription program.  


Highlands Ranch Music Lessons offers private music lessons to every age and level of musician.  We are lucky that we can teach almost any instrument. The studio instills proper music technique—music theory, scales, arpeggios, technical exercises, eurhythmics—as well as the ability to play a variety of music styles including classical, jazz, popular repertoire, improvisation based on guitar tablature and composition.  Proper physical execution in piano, guitar and singing is also emphasized.  Student’s personal goals such as auditions, performances, ability level and career planning determine the course of each student’s study. 


Highlands Ranch Music Lessons is different from the competition in several ways.  Highlands Ranch Music Lessons emphasizes the skills needed for a contemporary musician to become employed in the modern music world while emphasizing a classically based training program.  We believe that classical training gives our students the freedom to play almost anything.  As Picasso said, "Learn the rules like a technician, so you can break them like an artist."


We teach one on one in your home or over video conference.  Most of our students have a lesson once a week and are asked to work on their songs and warmups a couple times a week on their own.  We keep our lessons light hearted, we love helping our students learn their favorite songs, get ready for auditions and performances and love to be invited to our students' performances.


An ideal musician from the Highlands Ranch Music Lessons will know much of the classical repertoire in their instrument as well as much of the top hits from the popular genres such as acoustic, rock, alternative, pop, country, jazz.  That musician will excel in music theory and composition.  They will have excellent aural skills and will be gifted in improvisation and arrangement.  They will have excellent technical skills and have an extremely devoted practice technique.  They will have business smarts.  They will know how to find gigs and play in contemporary and classical ensembles.  They will have an excellent ability to describe, analyze and critique other musicians’ work.  They will be employable musicians in any music situation.