Highlands Ranch Music Lessons

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Matt Richter

Owner, Guitar and piano teacher


Colorado in-home music lessons from advanced music teachers

We offer lessons in your home if you live in:

Highlands Ranch, CO
Lakewood, CO
Central Park, CO (formerly Stapleton)
Fort Collins, CO

We also offer online lessons worldwide.

About us


I wanted to share a little about who we are as teachers and musicians and what we pride ourselves in.  We are all professional musicians with a higher education in music.  The lessons we offer, both online and in-person, are tailored to our students--their goals, learning technique, and unique abilities.


We work hard to offer our students a well-rounded music education.  We work on music technique—music theory, scales, arpeggios, technical exercises, and eurhythmics—as well as the ability to play a variety of music styles including classical, jazz, popular repertoire, improvisation and composition.  Our student’s personal goals such as auditions, performances, ability level and career planning determine the course of each student’s study. 


We are unique in several ways.  We know how to teach and emphasize learning the skills needed for a contemporary musician to become employed in the modern music world while also being able to read and play music on their own.  We believe that classical training gives our students the freedom to play almost anything.  As Picasso said, "Learn the rules like a technician, so you can break them like an artist." 


We also know that passion in music is very important.  Right now, we are planning our May 2022 spring recital and we have students who are choosing to play Mozart, video game songs, music from movies and soundtracks, Taylor Swift, Disney and U2.  Personal music taste is always encouraged, and we strive to help our students play songs they love as well.


Our students know a lot of the classical repertoire in their instrument as well as a lot of the top hits from popular genres such as acoustic, rock, alternative, pop, country, jazz.  


I hope you have a great week!