About Heather White

HEATHER WHITE teaches online lessons on Zoom and Facetime.

As far back as I can remember, music has always been a part of my life. I used to sing and pretend to play instruments while dancing around the house until I wore myself out. My first real piano lesson came when I was just three years old and I caught on very quickly. I was identified early on as having the gift of perfect pitch. Anything I heard I could easily play back on nearly any instrument I could get my hands on. My enthusiasm for music grew so rapidly and I began exploring and being tutored on more and more instruments (percussion, woodwinds, strings, brass, etc.).


Over the last 30 years, I have had the honor of playing in several bands and orchestras, as well as the privilege to teach and mentor countless students. Eventually, I discovered Musical Theater and became a Musical Director. This opened a door for me to be able to coach students for auditions for performing arts schools and major shows. I was able to teach vocals as well as offer group and individual lessons on all of the many instruments I had learned along the way. In time, I discovered the joy of cultural musical instruments such as Kumi-Daiko, Shakuhachi, and Koto from Japan; Djembe, Balafon, Udu, and Didgeridoo from Africa; Santouri, Bouzouki and Floyera from Greece; Bagpipes, Accordion, Irish Flute from Ireland, and the list continues to grow. I am also able to read eastern musical notation.


I studied psychology in school and have developed techniques to help people learn in alternate ways like the use of full body movement, dual hemisphere engagement, and the use of color. Having been classically trained, but studied a vast array of styles from different cultures, in addition to my understanding of learning from a psychological perspective, I have developed my own teaching style, which in the end is a fusion of classical and modern techniques with a dash of intuition, passion, and compassion. It brings
me joy to be able to reach people from all different walks of life through music. I cannot wait to be a part of your musical journey!

“Heather is by far the best vocal instructor I’ve ever had. She’s able to sense what needs to be improved and communicate how to make adjustments. She notices things that most people would never pay attention to, myself included, and that makes all the difference. After years of piano training, just two weeks with Heather had me playing smoother and more confidently. She was able to articulate the improvements I knew I needed but couldn’t make just by knowing they existed. She was able to explain HOW to make them. A month after starting to learn guitar, Heather had me playing Guns N’ Roses. Heather doesn’t take “I can’t” for an answer. She throws you right into advanced material and has you work backwards. She is truly awesome!”
- Kaya

“Heather worked with both of my kids teaching vocal, guitar, piano and drums. She’s amazing. She connects deeply with the kids so that they want to learn and practice. She’s kind and gentle but also challenges them to get out of their comfort zones. My kids were so inspired by Heather. She is one of a kind!”
- Brielle

“Heather White has shown her ability to teach students of all ages and all levels of competency. She is patient, fun and skilled on a variety of musical instruments as well as voice. Many of her students carry the love of the arts with them into their adult lives; some into their professional careers (like my daughter).
- Carole

“Heather has provided music lessons for over 20 years. She has a diverse knowledge on a variety of music genres and instruments. She can play and teach a plethora of instruments including an array of string, wind and percussion. She did musical direction at the local schools and the community theater. Heather is very patient and honest and you and/or your child WILL LEARN and BE INSPIRED under her musical influence.
– Saul