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About Bryce Menchaca 

BRYCE MENCHACA teaches in  Central Park.

Bryce Menchaca writes, composes and performs his own original music. His style of lyrics and melodies are a combination of Rhythm and Blues, 60's rock, and Acoustic Folk. As a singer/songwriter, his compositions and songs are created typically using a guitar or piano. Simply an old soul who wishes to tell his story through music. All of the songs in Bryce's discography reflect the life of a young artist in the midst of independence, and no song sounds like the last as he tells his stories. In the studio with his band, Bryce recorded his debut album of originals titled "Sense of Discovery" which was released in September of 2017. A year later he entered the studio alone and recorded his EP (extended play) "The Doomed Poet" which was released in February of 2019, and played nearly every instrument on it.


Continuing his mission for musical independence, in February of 2020 he released two singles which he wrote, recorded, and produced himself. "Tell September" and "All the Time" were some of his best works to date with complex harmonies, and intricate chordal movements. In the depths and darkness of 2020, Bryce recorded his 2nd studio album, "Alone at Last, Alone It Seems" in his apartment in Denver, CO. Another release written, recorded, and produced entirely by Bryce. He channeled not only his musical influences, but his literary and philosophical influences as he aimed to make a concept album.

Bryce is currently finishing his undergraduate degree in singing and songwriting at UC Denver.